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City of San Gabriel, CA

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The beautiful city of San Gabriel is located in the county of Los Angeles, towards the center of the region, and is located just a few miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. The city of San Gabriel has a population of about 40,000 people according to the 2010 census with the majority of the people being Asian. There are many lounges and bars in the area and there are a lot of places to shop and spend the day. However, with all of these features in the city of San Gabriel, the police force is kept on edge to keep the safety of the city. They make sure that their presence is seen throughout the city by constantly patrolling the city streets throughout the day. They also have a zero tolerance policy for any lawbreakers in the city limits and will punish any lawbreakers to the fullest extent. The police in the area have also been cracking down on people trying to get away with drinking and driving in the city limits. So they set up random check points throughout the city to catch anybody driving under the influence. Therefore, the beautiful city of San Gabriel is an amazing place to live and to enjoy a night of fun.

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