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San Gabriel Police Department, CA

The San Gabriel Police Department is located at 625 S Del Mar Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776, which is in the heart of the city. By placing the police department in the heart of the city, it makes it easier for the officers to get to any situation as fast as possible. They also have many officers patrolling the city at all times in order to make sure that the residents of the city are safe. The San Gabriel Police Department’s sole purpose is to serve all the people within the community in the most professional and personal level possible so that the residents feel safe and feel important at the same time. They have an extensive civilian volunteer department that helps the citizens get more involved in the safety of their city and allows them to witness first hand what the police department is trying to do to help all of the communities in the city of San Gabriel Every police officer is also involved in their individual communities, helping their neighbors stay safe and teach them how to prevent any bad situation in their house. The San Gabriel Police Department makes sure that all of their officers have completed the course at the Police Academy and that they have been properly trained before they can join the police force in the city of San Gabriel. San Gabriel Police Department’s civilian department is responsible for helping patrol the city and keeping an eye out for any potential disputes occurring throughout the city. This gives the officers an extra pair of eyes and helps keep the city safer. The volunteers also help with directing traffic where needed and helping at all of the different events held by the police department. With all of these departments in effect, the department has been able to make the city of San Gabriel one of the safest in the Greater Los Angeles County.

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