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Nanny Bound at Knifepoint during Home-Invasion

A Sa Gabriel man is accused of robbery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment after he stormed into a home in San Marino Friday. After storming in the home, the suspect supposedly tied up a woman at knifepoint, according to authorities. The victim was a nanny at the home, when she said a man in a black jacket and mask, entered the home through the back door, where he demanded for money. The robber then tied up the nanny and held her hostage until the homeowner returned home. The homeowner complied to the robber’s request and gave him an undisclosed amount of money and the robber then fled the scene. The robber was arrested a little later and identified as Yonheng Huang, a 24-jyear-old San Gabriel Man. Huang is being held on $1,000,000 bail and is being held at the Alhambra Police Department to await trial, which is scheduled for Tuesday in the Alhambra Superior Court.

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