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Teens Try to Evade Cops in Stolen Car

Earlier this week police on patrol tried to pull over a car because the driver seemed too young to be driving and couldn’t see of the steering wheel. When the officer attempted to pull over the black sedan, the driver just kept driving and led the officer on a short police chase. After a short chase, the black sedan ran into a tree and police immediately surrounded the vehicle and got the driver out of the car. After the police got the driver out of the car, they discovered that the driver was barely 13 years old and was not even tall enough to drive the car. The police called the owner of the car and it turned out that the suspect’s mother was the owner and she had no idea that her son even left the house. The young teen was taken to jail, where his mom had to pick him up and he will be facing charges for trying to evade the police and for driving without a license.


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