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Man Left for Dead

Earlier this week in the city of San Gabriel, reports of a hit and run came in early in the morning and once the police got to the scene of the crime, the suspect was long gone. Witnesses at the scene of the crime were not there when the accident occurred, but they did find the victim lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him. When the paramedics got to the victim, he was not breathing and lost a lot of blood. He is currently at a hospital in critical condition and it is unlikely that he will make it out alive. Police are unsure of how the incident occurred, but detectives believe that the man was crossing the street when a speeding car ran the red light and struck the man. Officials have not released the identity of the victim at this time and the police do not have any leads to find the suspect. Police are asking the public for any help regarding this incident and if you have any information that will help police, then you must contact the police department immediately.

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